First Aid CPR

First Aid, CPR, AED, Blood Bourne Pathogen, Epi-Pen

This course has been designed using extensive research and testing to improve mastery and retention over the long-term. This comprehensive course is taught in a dynamic, hands-on way with industry-leading curriculum and content from the expert in occupational first aid training. This course provides the vital knowledge needed to respond to a medical emergency effectively […]

Technology In The School Age Classroom

Technology plays a major role in our everyday life and in the classroom. This course will walk you through easy and cost effective strategies for integrating technology into your classroom.   After this class, participants will be able to: Identify ways to integrate technology into their classroom productively Find ways to utilize technology to enhance […]

Engaging Learning Environments

Engaging Learning Environments Training Level: 2 Age(s): Infant/Toddler, Preschool Core Content Area: 4. Learning Environment & Curriculum CDA Subject Area: 1. Planning a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment Every child care provider wants their classroom to look the best and be engaging, but many aren't sure how. This course gives information on how arrange your classroom and provides creative [...]

Communicating With Parents In Early Childhood

More and more research shows that involving parents in the educational process is critical to children having academic success. This course examines why parental involvement is so important and also gives strategies for involving parents in the early childhood classroom.  After this course, participants will be able to: Know the importance of involving parents in […]

Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills to Preschool Children

Conflicts arise every day in the classroom.  Preschool children are just learning how to communicate their wants & needs. This course examines the causes of conflict & how you can help develop conflict resolution skills for preschool children. During this course, teachers will learn: The main causes of conflict Styles of conflict resolution The skills […]

The A, B, C’s of Assessment

Participants will be introduced to the basics of assessment in early childhood education.  From the basic definitions to how to use the data appropriately, this class will provide a base foundation for teachers understanding the basics of the assessment process in the field.

Preschool Classroom Management

In this course, learn how to effectively manage your preschool classroom.  Learn tips and strategies to make your days effective.

Bullying From The Early Years Through Teen

Bullies are created by a specific life-path we can reroute at any stage when we know the road signs to look for along the way. This class will help identify road signs plus provide ways to help transform both bullies and victims into contributing, connected members of society?

Tips For Hiring and Retaining Staff

In this class, learn tips on hiring and retaining staff.  Hiring and retaining staff are critical to today’s child care workforce.  How you approach the hiring process and how you work to retain staff is important to your center and to the children you care for daily.  Learn all the tips on this class.